About Us

Hammertime Property Auctions is an innovative and pioneering platform for the facilitation of property transactions, designed for estate agents who would like to have an auction department however would benefit from someone managing the auction process for them however maintaining the benefit of keeping their whole selling fee. It is designed and run by property professionals in order to maximise the efficiency and value of buying and selling property. We offer both traditional and modern methods of auction.

In a 21st Century market things change fast, and the property market is no exception. Online property transactions have increased drastically in recent years and as with all things the market is gradually moving toward a customer focused solution to buying and selling which fits with the way we live our lives. With people now becoming more accustomed to the online sale and purchase of goods and services, there is now more than ever before a drift away from traditional high street activity towards online and web-based solutions. We have developed Hammertime Property Auctions to provide our estate agency partners with an effective platform in which their clients can view, buy and sell property from the comfort of their homes, places of business or on the move.

As a buyer, this new approach will allow you to secure the purchase of a property which until now may have been unachievable. Our auctions don’t restrict who can buy properties and is a perfect place for seasoned buyers, people who require a mortgage and even first-time buyers, or if you cannot be present at a physical auction for any reason. The registration and bidding process is secure and straightforward, with bidding windows being open for up to 48 hours to give you the very best chance of buying the property of your dreams.

Whether you are an estate agent wanting to learn more about how you can build your own auction department or a seller looking to sell a property by auction please contact our team to discuss your needs.